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"NZ KiwiBerry are ready to eat when soft to the touch..."

NZ KiwiBerry are harvested from the vine when the sugar levels are mature but, like many other fruits, they are not yet entirely ripe which allows them to ripen once they have been delivered to the market place.

NZ KiwiBerry should be allowed to ripen at room temperature. Their skin will begin to turn darker green and the berries will yield to gentle pressure. NZ KiwiBerry are ready to eat when soft to the touch.

NZ KiwiBerry are sensitive to the natural ripening gas Ethylene (produced by banana, apple, kiwifruit etc), so needs to be stored away from any sources of ethylene. For best storage life refrigerate the fruit, up to two weeks, and let it return to room temperature before eating or using in recipes.

To hasten ripening the fruit can be stored in a paper bag at room temperature which will increase the ethylene produced and hence the rate of ripening.


In New Zealand there are two main packhouses in the Bay of plenty that pack the majority of fruit for the local and export marketers these are KiwiProduce and Prendo Produce.
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